Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2014 US Trip - Day 8 - Friday September 12th 2014

The stop in this RV park was for only one night and we packed up and headed back into town, only a 5 minute drive away. We wanted to refuel and also fill our propane tanks which we use for cooking, heating and running the fridge when we are not on power at the RV park. After checking with one service station, they couldn't do it as the propane tank can't be removed from the vehicle. So we went across the road and they helped us out.
The gentleman who ran the business had a truck out back so we lined up the 4 RV's and filled them in no time at all. Total cost per vehicle around $15. We also took the opportunity to refuel before heading towards the evenings destination of West Yellowstone.
Starting out on the planes once again we started to head towards a stunning mountain range capped with fresh snow. We then crossed the mountain range enjoying once again pine forests covered in snow. The drive was very enjoyable as we passed some very nice ranches and another ski resort before stopping in the town of Bozeman.

We grabbed a coffee in a local book store before starting the last leg of the journey towards West Yellowstone. Once again the scenery along the way was stunning. We travelled up valleys flanked by a river on one side and sheer cliffs covered with pine on the other. On crossing rivers this would switch so it never really mattered which side of the car you on the views you got were breath taking.

We eventually arrived in the town of West Yellowstone around 2pm and after checking in we were setup. This park is simple amazing with over spots for RV's of different sizes. Walking around we spotted some very large ones worth at least $100k US. Not sure what you would pay for equivalent in Australia, certainly a small fortune.

Located a short walking distance away was a bear and wolf park. This was a great opportunity to see these elusive animals. There were a number of enclosures for the different animals and they spend a short amount of time looking for food placed, or hidden, by the staff. This was to allow the animals to mimic their normal behaviour. One group of bears performed for around 30 mins then a 15 minute break to setup for the next bear, Sam. Now Sam was a grizzly and he was huge. Searching for food he was flipping large rocks with ease. After a short swim he finished up and then the preparation for the next performers was underway. The wolves were in siesta moood and were lounging about. Beautiful looking animals.

In the evening we retired back to the RV park for some drinks as we watched the sunset. Once the direct sunlight disappears the temperature starts to drop and this was time for us to get dinner ready. I once again scabbed off others and had a steak and pasta meal with Pete, Maggie and Ragnar. Then it was time to pour a vodka, or two, and continue the Presidents and Assholes card game. Many laughs were had as we talked about nothing and everything.

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