Thursday, September 11, 2014

2014 US Trip - Day 3 - Sunday September 7th 2014

Overnight the majority of us froze in our beds. We hadn't quite figured out the heater and the setting of the thermostat. Only Pete and Maggie had a comfortable night sleep and with the new information at hand as to how to get it working we wouldn't make that mistake again. After unhooking the power and water we were on our way to Bannack, a historic village now a ghost town. This was the real wild wild west with stories of shoot outs in the local tavern and the barber located in one corner not missing a stroke of the cut throat razor. Amazingly the town was still occupied until the 1950's and concerned locals grouped together to preserve the town. The entrance fee was small and we spent about an hour or so before heading back to Dillon to grab some lunch and some extra supplies.

Once we grabbed some local delicacy, McDonalds, we were on our way. The roads I must admit are amazing with dual lanes for pretty much all of the day's driving. The scenery changed quite a bit from rolling planes to more mountainous covered with pines. Along the way to our stop this eveing in West Glacier we made a small detour to visit a wild life sanctuary that had bison, elk and deer. For $5 we were able to drive through a section taking photos. Got some amazing shots that I will shar elater on. We stayed there till just after 6pm and then made the final push towards out final destination, the RV park in West Glacier.

It wasn't until around 9pm that we got there. Everyone was exhausted from the days driving and were happy to settle in for a quiet evening.  

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