Thursday, September 11, 2014

2014 US Trip - Day 2 - Saturday September 6th 2014

Woke up after a good nights sleep. The bed was very comfortable and compared to that of an airline seat I did appreciate lying horizontally. We all met in the foyer before heading out for some breakfast. We wandered around but wasn't able to find anywhere so we ended up back at the hotel where we grabbed the usual bacon, eggs, fruit, coffee etc.

The plan for the today was to pick up the RV's, do some shopping and then get on our way. Pete had organised for some cars to pick us up and to drop us down at the Cruise America depot for around 10.30am even though they had said we should look to arrive in the early after when all the vans would be ready. Fortunately when we got there two RV's where ready so we grabbed those with the intent of doing the shopping first and then picking up the remaining 2 RV's later. After a quick orientation as to how to use the RV we were on our way to Walmart. For all the pages on the internet bagging Walmart and their customers I found it to be very nice and had everything we wanted. We spent about 1.5 hours in there grabbing stuff before we headed back to the Cruise America depot to pick up the final 2 RV's by about 2.30pm. We were then on our way.

The journey out of Salt Lake City was a busy one. Lots of traffic but thankfully we were on good roads and with Pete in the lead with his GPS we simply followed. We tracked along the valley floor with large mountains to one side and slowly as we got further away the traffic began to die down. We were on our way. Watching the 3 RV's in front of us in a convoy was amusing and I am not sure what other road travellers would have thought either. From a scenery perspective we were driving along open planes. Not a lot of trees about and if they were they were small shrubs.

We eventually arrive in our first overnight stop in Dillon at around 9.30pm where we refueled and made it to the RV park. Then became the first adventure of hooking up power and water. The night sky was clear and there was definitely a coolness to the air. We were not long out of bed given that it had been a long day.

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