Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2014 US Trip - Day 10 - Sunday September 14th 2014

For Pete, Maggie and Ragnar this was a very early morning. They got underway just after 5am with the intent of getting up to a valley where a lot of animals would congregate early in the morning. The remainder of the group left around 7.30am and made our way back into Yellowstone and then up towards Mammoth Springs. Along the way we passed a number of geysers and we stopped for a photo opportunity at one of the them. Being so early still the air was quite brisk still so time of beanies and thermals.
From there we traveled up stunning valleys that seem to change geology around every corner. I cant really describe it other than to say you need to see it for yourself and for those of you that have I hope that I am doing it justice. We pulled into Mammoth Springs just after 10am. Located on the northern border of the Yellowstone Park this is an area filled with different types of geysers. All unique and very beautiful.
We eventually met up with Pete and Maggie at a waterfall located around 20 minutes out of Mammoth Springs. We grabbed a bite to eat, checked out the falls then pressed on further south. We wanted to check out two additional waterfalls, Upper and Lower Yellowstone Falls. Located in the Canyon area of the park the views from the looks outs were amazing. Colours of the rock and soil added to the spectacle and we were left in awe.
Another stop on our journey south was Fisherman's Bridge where we took a few photos of the Yellowstone River and the large lake that it feeds into. We then pressed on for the final hour or so of driving stopping at Lewis Falls before reaching Colter Bay RV park just before 6pm. This RV park appears to be quite old given the maturity of the trees that we find ourselves in.
Cooked a stir fry for dinner and froze 3 additional meals but I suspect I will only use one of these before we finish up on Thursday. Headed down at around 8.30pm to do some washing at the local 24 hour launderette. Caught up on some emails and Facebook before heading back and crashing.

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