Sunday, March 17, 2013

My thoughts on Vine

Sunday 17th March 2013

Yesterday I decide to download the Vine application for my new iPhone 5. Vine is mobile application released by Twitter that allows users to create small videos with audio of 6 seconds in length. This appears to keep it in line with the 140 character limit of tweets ensuring the message is short and to the point.

After downloading I was intrigued on how you would use the application and what flexibility there was. On completing the setup where I allowed it access to my Twitter account I was up and running. It didn't take me long to make a quick video just after I finished mowing the lawn.
I then scoured other videos that people had created to see get some ideas. Given the short amount of time to work with, I decide that I would make a short film about my coffee machine that I got as a birthday present (thanks Mum and Dad!) back in January.
I must admit I quite like the possibilities and opportunities. Being the first release the functionality is very limited. There are a few features I would like added such as :
  • Being able to start creating a video, save it off and come back to it later. On the iPhone you can navigate to another application and then come back but you need to complete that video first before moving on. 
  • Ability to use the front facing camera so if you need to film yourself you have some idea as to where the camera is pointing
  • Edit clips together
  • A dedicated iPad app 
  • Create videos on PC/Macs etc
  • Option to update the text/tags on videos