Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 US Trip - Day 14 - Thursday September 18th 2014

Well this is it, the final day in the RV. Everyone was up at around 6am. The plan was to be away by about 7am and get into Salt Lake City by around 10am. It would have been around 7.30am by the time we got under way. The drive away from Bear Lake was met with some frustrated parents rushing to drive their kids to the bus stop to meet up with the local school bus and with some very long hills.

We had one final pitstop at a McDonalds for a coffee and toilet break before the final leg of the journey. The drive along the i80 into Salt Lake City was pretty intense. Traffic was certainly some of the heaviest we had seen so far. Not only was there cars but also lots of large trucks. Not sure what the speed limit was for that section of road. All we did however was keep up wth all the other traffic that was around us. The road was at times 4 lanes wide packed full of people wanting to get down the hill as quickly as possible. It swapped from long left hand turns to right hand turns as it made it's way down the hill into the valley basin.

Once we were done on flat highway we were all relieved and stopped off to perform our final refuelling before getting back to Cruise America by about 10.15am. As we still had all our luggage we thought it wise to use two of the RV's to drop off it off at the Hilton Hotel. Pete and Daryl made it back with a few minutes to spare.

We grabbed a late lunch at finally checked into our rooms by around 3pm and had one final celebratory dinner before calling it a night. Certainly was a great trip with lots of great memories and experiences.

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