Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2014 US Trip - Day 11 - Monday September 15th 2014

No one was in a rush to get up this morning. The previous couple of days had been long and we had no set agenda as yet. As the showers in the RV park were located a long way away and around $5 per shower I decided to bath in the small RV shower. It did the job.
After a quick breakfast and then meeting up with Pete and Maggie for a coffee we walked down to the local marina. We had just missed a lake cruise so we booked in tomorrow morning. Amazingly, or not, had to sign a disclaimer form for the 1.5 hour trip around a relatively calm lake. Oh well, this is America. We then decided to head up to a place called Jackson Hole where there is a ski village and a gondola ride up to the top of the mountain. The journey there took over an hour but along the way we saw some amazing views of the Grand Teton mountain range. If you've been to Queenstown in NZ, a bit like that but a lot bigger. 

The gondola ride up was very quick taking only about 15 minutes. It can hold up to 100 people which is very impressive and took us all the way up to 10,500 ft or 3200 metres. After a quick photo shoot we grabbed some freshly made waffles from the small restaurant located at the peak. We then had a walk around and admired the mountain range that was behind and to the sides and the valley in front.
On the way back down we spotted our first brown bear in the wild. It was a small glimpse but definitely saw him. I will have to check the video when I get home to see if I captured him or not. Once we arrived back down in the village, the others grabbed a bear and we sat on the grass and caught some sun. It was now past 4pm so decided it was time to head back towards the RV park.
Along the way we stopped off at a restaurant located by the lake and had a very nice meal whilst watching the sun setting over the Grand Teton mountain range. The silhouette was amazing and hope the that the photos do it justice. It was then another 30 minute drive back to the RV park where we finished for the evening.

A quick picture of the Grand Teton mountain range...

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