Thursday, September 11, 2014

2014 US Trip - Day 5 - Tuesday September 9th 2014

Woke to a chilly morning. The vodka from the night before had made for a pleasant sleep and got out of bed just before 8am. Some of the others were up and getting some breakfast. I grabbed a biscuit or two for breakfast and some orange juice. Had a quick shower up at the shower block before packing up and getting ready for today's drive. Compared to the first two days this was only going to be quite small.
Before leaving I was able to get some money out for the first time in a couple of days which was a pleasant relief. Not being able to get money out had been a real pain considering the effort I went to to organise the global currency card.

We hit the road just before 10am and this was going to be my first day of serious driving. The journey took us back towards the Glacier National Park entrance that we went in yesterday, but instead of turning off we kept on going as the RV's wouldn't be allowed. We later found out that the weather conditions had closed the road so felt very fortunate to have been up it yesterday.

The drive north was spectacular with large mountains either side and a hint of sleet. A cold change had moved in over night and the sky was overcast but that did not detract from the spectacle. We had our first stop at around 11.15am after we turned off the main road we were driving along. The small town had a general store, some cafes and restaurants. We all grabbed a coffee and a bit to eat before heading to our next destination inside of the Glacier National Park beside a lake. At this stage it was snowing and very cold along side the shoreline though we took our time for photos. From there we head back out of the park and north further still. It didn't take us long to move from driving along valleys to be out on open plains again before taking a left and heading back towards the snow capped mountains.

We finally arrived at the RV park, located just outside of St Mary, just before 3pm. AFter checking in we hooked up the power, water and sewerage. After a quick bite to eat we went for a walk around the RV park which is quite large in size. Located beside a lake it has some amazing views though we will need to wait until a sunny day to really enjoy it. After the walk we decided to have dinner at a restaurant that was highly recommend by people at Peter's work. It was at the Many Glacier which was around a 30 minute drive away. The vista was nothing short of breath taking. On a sunny day you all you would want to do is sit there in awe. At the end of one of the lakes flanked by large mountains was the Many Glacier Hotel. After finding a spot to park, difficult to do with 3 RV's, we were greeted by an amazing foyer filled with chairs either located strategically around a fire place or looking back along the water. Utterly breathtaking. This was not a place for hobos, but that of the well to do. Nothing much has changed here for the 100 years that the hotel has been around. We grabbed a place in the line before being seated in a reasonably amount of time. We all had a good feed with me consuming a double pork schnitzel on a bed of vegetables.
The drive back to the RV park was a slow one as the journey there had been spent missing cows that were grazing on or beside the road. Caught up on some emails before settling into bed with the heater turned on ready for a cold one overnight of -3C.

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