Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 US Trip - Day 12 - Tuesday September 16th 2014

Had agreed with Pete that the night before that we were going to get up early and walk down to the edge of the lake and take some pictures of the sunrise on the Teton mountain range. I was up just before 6am, quickly dressed then knocked on Pete's RV. 
He had a coffee waiting for me which was great and he gave me the news that Lawrence had decided to sleep in. Shortly aftewards we were on our way down to the lake edge. We walked for around 30 minutes and possible not in the most direct path. It was around 6.45am by the time we got to a spot that we liked and started to setup. First it was the GoPro on a time lapse setting. Then it was onto the laptop controlled DSLR. Pete was trying all different types of shots with filters and composition. We stayed there until it was around 8.15am. And by the way the sunrise was spectacular with some nice cloud cover adding to the atomsphere.

The walk back was adventurous with a Blair Witch moment but we eventually got to the RV's. It was then time to grab some breakfast before meeting back up with everyone for the cruise on the lake. The weather was spectacular and the lake very still which made for a very enjoyable time. The captain and first mate were very knowledgable of the local area and answered questions from the passengers. I was surprised to hear that the lake completely freezes over in winter. Just goes to show the extremes that this part of the country experiences.

The afternoon was spent driving down to Jenny Lake, taking a another short boat cruise and doing some short walks to admire some stunning waterfalls and scenery. On the drive back to Colter Bay we stopped in at Jackson Lodge where we initially grabbed a drink before spotting a moose and possibly a bear.

After getting back to Colter Bay I defrosted some of the stir fry I had cooked one one of the previous nights. It wasn't too bad. Givne the early start I wasn't going to have a late night so did the usual photo/video hosekeeping and then headed off to bed.The plan for tomorrow is to get up early and go back to Jackson Lodge to see if we can spot some more animals.

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