Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 US Trip - Day 13 - Wednesday September 17th 2014

Well the plan was to leave early but even though Trev and I were up at 6am we thought we would have a sleep in. We left the RV park at around 9.30am and leasurely drove down towards the town of Jackson stopping off for pictures where it suited us. Made it into Jackson just before 11am and met up with the others who had left earlier on. This gave everyone a chance to look around, shop or to grab some breakfast. I decided to walk around and take some photos before grabbing a mocca and a croissant. We were back in the RV's around 1pm and refuelled on the way out of Jackson.

The drive down to Bear Lake was supposed to be boring but the scenery was still spectacular. The colours on the mountain side were amazing. The green of the pines being broken up by the yellows, organes and reds of other deciduous trees. Once again we followed river valleys before hitting flatter territory around Bear Lake.

The KOA RV park was very nice and not busy at all. The facilities were probably some of the best we had seen so far. After setting up shop we all walked down to the marina for some photos before getting back to top up our propane gas before we delivered the RV's back to Cruise America in Salt Lake City tomorrow morning.

As this was our final night there we spent time packing our bags and throwing out what ever we didn't need. We had bought some firewood so spent some time 

With this being the last evening for me to try to take some astronomical photos I setup a short distance away from the fire and then attempted to take some photos in wide angle and once I had zeroed in on my main objective of Andromeda (M31) I put on the large 100-400mm lens and took as many shots as I could. Will need to do some post processing once I get back home.

The plan for tomorrow is to be up early for the final jog into Salt Lake City.

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