Sunday, September 18, 2011

US Holiday - Day 9 - Boston

Day 9 - Saturday 17th September

Let's start with a statement, Boston is a fantastic city. It has been a wonderful experience so far. Got up around 7.30am and met Pete and Maggie for breakfast at around 8.30am. We had decided that we would take one of the open top buses/trolleys around Boston to figure out what to check out next. Fortunately we could sort out the tickets at the hotel and it was just a matter of walking down to the first stop and getting on.

The bus took us around all the major sights to see including an othe USS Constitution warship, Boston Common, the Cheers pub, Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox) and MIT. After a circuit we got off the bus and had a recharge at a local coffee shop in Beacon Hill before heading onto the Boston Common and up to some of the cemetery's in the centre of town. They have some of the major figures in American History buried there. We also checked out a local church and then back to the Boston Common which was hosting a Freedom Rally. Effectively this was a lets gather on the common and smoke a joint type of event.

We grabbed some food and then dropped by the Cheers pub before rejoining the bus and moving onto the Prudential Tower which offered views from the 50th floor of all around Boston. After enjoying the views we took a few more shots around the area before catching the subway back to where we initiall caught the bus. It was then a short walk back to the hotel where we had a break.

At around 8pm we walked down to the area around the aquarium and looked for a restaraunt. We settled for an Irish pub just back near the hotel. Had a nice meal and then a couple of drinks whilst two gents entertained the crowd with Irish songs. Tomorrow I will bid Maggie and Peter farewell as we enjoy anothe rday in Boston.

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