Friday, September 30, 2011

US Holiday - Day 17 - San Francisco - Day 3

Day 17 - Sunday 25th September

I have designated today as a catch up on washing and catch up with friends. The weather outside looked very grey and this was confirmed by the forecast. But the funny thing about San Francisco is the mirco-climates that exists. At times some suburbs will be in sunshine whilst ones next door will be fog bound.
So spent some time in the morning doing some washing and organised with a uni mate, Cam, to meet up in the afternoon. He had suggested we go up to an area of SF city called the Mission.  So headed out to meet Cam and his wife, Nicole, down on Market Street near where they turn the trolley cars around.
From there we caught the BART, the subway system in SF, a couple of stops to 16th Street.  From there it was only a short walk passed graffiti mural side streets to a restaurant where we grabbed a sandwich for a late afternoon feed. The streets are certainly hip and happening with the classic SF architecture.  The restaurants have queues going out the doors and you are served by chicks with tats and piercing, so they could easy work in JB Hifi or live or work around Newtown I guess.
Whilst Nic grabbed a nitrogen created ice cream, Cam and I wandered up the street and grabbed a coffee in  a large hip coffee store. Everyone had their Apple laptops out surfing the net. American’s are certainly very loyal to their own brands and so they should be.
After finishing our coffees we walked up to the 24th Street BART station and caught the subway back to where we started. It was great to catch up with some people whilst I’m travelling through the US. Cam and Nic also gave me lots of ideas for my last full day in SF. The weather forecast is not looking that good. They are saying cloudy until the PM. We will have to wait and see.

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