Monday, September 19, 2011

US Holiday - Day 10 - Boston

Day 10 - Sunday 18th September

Gees the long pours that the American's do are certainly making there mark. I awoke to another headache and feeling pretty average. Had a shower and then headed down stairs for breakfast. Polished off some bacon, sausage and then some fruit.

Headed back up to my room and waited for Pete and Maggie to finished their breakfast. We all then headed down to the waters edge where we jumped straight on one of the ferry cruise that was included in the site seeing ticket we purchased yesterday. Only had to wait a short time before the cruise began and went around the Boston harbour. The morning was perfect weather wise, with blue skies and some scattered cloud although a little cool.

The boat stopped along the way to the USS Constitution, a naval warship from the late 1700's. We joined one of the guided tours that toured the top, gun and lower deck. Certainly an amazing ship to visit. Then visited another WWII era warship that is in permanent dry dock next to the USS Constitution. We then caught the boat back to pier where we left.

We all then grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading back to the hotel so that Pete and Maggie could check out and start the drive back to NJ. After bidding them good bye at around 2pm I then headed back to catch the trolley bus to another part of Boston that we had not yet visited. Stopped off and took some photos of the South Station, a beautiful building. Then reboarded the bus and headed back over to an area called Beacon Hill. This is a beautiful old area of Boston and had a good walk around. I then walked back to the hotel and had a breather to around 8pm.

I decided to check my tickets for the train journey to Washington DC tomorrow. All I had was a print out supplied by my travel agent. I then made the short journey back to South Station to see if I could sort the ticket out the night before the journey. On arriving I found an Amtrak self service ticket console, swipped my credit card, plugged in my reservation # and pow, was able to print out the two tickets. One for Boston to DC, the other for Seattle to Vancouver.

Finished off the evening by doing one final walk around Boston. This place is a great city. I highly recommend it.

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