Sunday, September 18, 2011

US Holiday - Day 7 - New Jersey

Day 7 - Thursday 15th September

Woke up feeling really average today. The drinks from the night before had taken their toll. I eventually got up just before midday and grabbed some coffee and OJ. The day was overcast with a chance of rain so didn't venture into NYC. Instead Maggie and I headed out to one of the local cafe ./ dinners and had lunch. I chose turkey and stuffing with sides and it came out to be a big enough to feed a whole family. I barely touched it as the stomach was still a bit sketchy.

By this time the rain was starting to come down so got in the car and did a quick tour of Hoboken, a small town on the shore of the Hudson. From there we started to drive towards a large retail outlet called Jersey Gardens. People visit here with empty suitcases and then head straight to the airport with the luggage full. I didn't quite go to those lengths but bought some shirts and jackets.

From there headed back to Secaucus and was given a tour of the town where Peter works. There are a number of hotels here along with a convention centre. Added to that are your typically mall type shops. Returning home we waited for Pete to get home and then we headed out to the Meat Packing District in New York. We took a bus and a tube ride to get down to that part of town and tried to get into one restaurant but it was over an hour wait and it was already after 9.30pm at this stage. We found another nice restaurant just down the street. After a couple of starters at the bar we progressed through to the dining area to the mains. I had a fillet mignon and given I hadn't quite had breakfast or lunch it certainly satisfied my appetite.

Caught the subway back up to the Port Authority and then jumped onto a bus after a short wait. It was probably close to midnight by the time we got home.

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