Sunday, September 18, 2011

US Holiday - Day 8 - Last day in New York City

Day 8 - Friday 16th September

So this will be the last day in New York City. In a way I wished I had some more time here as there is so much to see and do. The last couple of things I wanted to tick off was going to a shop called B&H. Think of it as a massive superstore for all things photographic, video and audio related. The other place I wanted to visit was Central Park.

Didn't catch a bus into NYC as I had down on previous days. Instead it was time for the ferry. The journey is a simple one. Leave Pete and Maggie's apartment and walk to end of complex and then flag down the bus that passes by on a frequent basis. Get on board and then make the short journey to the ferry terminal. Once there grab a return ticket and waited for the ferry to arrive. The trip is only 10 minutes in length to cross the Hudson. Once you get off buses are available to run you up into town. I got off at 42 Street and caught the subway to 34th Street and walked up to the B&H shop.

Think of this store as "JB Hifi meets the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem". It is very hard to explain how the shop works but it is amazing and for tech/gadget freaks like myself this place was nirvana. So after making a couple of purchases for the video camera I left to catch a subway up to Central Park.

From there I wandered about the park taking pictures. The day was so awesome weather wise and the light so right on the buildings on Central Park West it was really a joy to take photos. Wandered all the way down to the end of the park before catching a subway back to 42 Street and then walking back to the ferry via photo call at the USS Intrepid, the aircraft carrier moored on the Hudson.

Only had to wait 10 minutes for the ferry and caught the waiting bus back to the local shops for a Starbucks recharge. Had lunch down by the water before taking my last shots of NY skyline.

Tonight we left for Boston. Headed to Secaucaus and picked Pete up at around 6.30pm. We then started the north east journey to Boston through the Friday peak hour. Traffic wasn't too bad until we encountered major delays about an hour out of Boston. We decided on a detour with the GPS's help through the back waters before getting back onto the main expressway into Boston.

We didn't make it into Boston until late, probably after 12am. Checked into the hotel and then headed off to bed.

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