Wednesday, September 21, 2011

US Holiday - Day 11 - Boston to Washington DC

Day 11 - Monday 19th September

This morning was an early start. I was up just before 6am, got dressed and checked out. I then began the short walk towards the South Station. I was glad that I had done the walk the night before to the ticket and see how long it was going to take. Got to the station in around 10 minutes and didn't see anywhere to check in the luggage so made the assumption that it was just a matter of putting it on the train when it pulled up. Grabbed a coffee and waited for the train to be ready.

The departures board then indicated the platform # and it was just a matter of showing the ticket and getting on the train. Picked a good window seat and about 15 minutes later we were heading off towards Washington DC. We stopped at a couple of stations on the journey to New York and not before long the train was completely full. The scenery along the way was of classic wooden houses and townships around rivers and lakes. Quite a beautiful part of the world.

The train was quick at times when the track allowed. Unfortunately it was not all the time as high speed train travel is always a joy. By around 11am we were beginning to approach New York City. The train snaked it's way through the suburbs of Brooklyn and at times running parrallel to the East River before heading underneath it into Penn Station. The majority of passengers got off at this point before we got a few more and then headed south towards DC stopping at the odd station including Newark, Phildelphia and Baltimore.

It was around 2pm by the time we got to Union Station in DC. This is certainly a grand rail station, with lots of stunning stone work. Some whilst I was there grabbed a map and then headed towards my hotel. The journey only took about 15 minutes.

Got to the hotel and tried to check in but the room wasn't going to be ready until around 4pm. So dropped off the suitcase and headed out to take some pictures whilst I could. Dropped past the Capital building then headed towards the American Indian Museum. Once I had complete that then headed to the National Gallery of Art. I didn't bother with the modern pieces but went for the classics. Took in some great pieces of American, French, Dutch and Italian pieces. But this gallery is so large you ould need hours and hours. I only had about 45 minutes. 

It was close to 5pm at this point so headed back to the hotel and checked in. Not a bad room. Chilled out until about 8.30pm and then thought about getting some food. Dropped past the Capital building again and then Union Station before returning to the hotel. Couldn't find any places where I could get something to eat. So grabbed room services instead.

Tomorrow plan to cover off some more musuems as the weather isn't looking too good. 

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