Wednesday, September 14, 2011

US Holiday - Day 5 - New York City

Day 5

Had a good nights sleep on the fold out bed that Steve and Belinda broke in. There is much to be said for not having to watch the clock but instead just get up when you want to. Had a shower and then grabbed some toast and coffee before getting a bus into NY Port Authority. This was so easy. About a 5 minute walk and a run across the road and then onto the bus straight into NYC. From there it was a couple of minutes to Times Square. It has changed since I was last there, most notably the reduced through traffic which has been replaced by pedestrian areas.

Took the usual photos and video and then headed east towards Grand Central Station. Stopped in there before moving on past the NY Public Library and onward to the United Nations building. Went through the security and had a bit of a tour around before leaving and heading back to the NY Library. The building was half in shadow half bathed in sunlight so wanted to wait before taking photos. Continued down towards Empire State building before walking back up to NY Public Library before catching the subway down to City Hall. The building was unfortunately closed off to the public so gave it a skip and went passed the Supreme Court building before heading into China Town (it still smells) and then onto Little Italy.

From there walked through Soho and then onto Washington Park . Soho was such an attractive place to visit. Lots of boutique restaurants and clothing stores. Washington Park full of people taking it easy and one guy playing a grand piano underneath the arch way. From there I meandered back to a subway station and caught an express back up to 42 Street station and then walked through back through to the Port Authority for the quick ride home. Stopped in to a super market and bought some vodka and juice and recharged by having Starbucks iced moccha.

In the early evening I ventured down by the water to take some shots of the NY skyline with the sun kissing the windows. There were some nice effects and hope the photos do it justice. Ended the evening with a light dinner and some TV.

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