Friday, October 7, 2011

US Holiday - Day 28 - Vancouver - Day 3

Day 28 - Thursday 6th October

Ah yes, the double tap of vodka of last night certainly did the trick. I slept well last night and the double tap of Nurofen meant I didn't wake with a head ache. Stuck my head out the window and ah grey skies again. Spewing! They did say it was going to be cloudy with some sunshine but it was a uniform grey.

Organised the transfer tomorrow from the hotel to the airport so in terms of things to organise for the rest of the holiday I was pretty much done. Then tried to pick my seat for the flight from LA to Sydney. Should have down this a long time ago and the options available were ugly. Oh well, lesson learnt.

Headed out around 11am and after getting some fuel for the day I headed down towards Granville Island. I caught one of the small ferries that move people around the False Creek area. Granville Island has a nice little market on it and the food and produce looked of great quality. I grabbed some food there before heading back over to Vancouver. I then walked along the shore line again and down into Stanley Park.

I completed a full circuit of the park which was approximately 9km. By the time I completed one circuit the sun started to come out so headed back along the waters edge into False Creek ending up near the 2010 Winter Olympic stadium which is just across the road from the hotel. There is a soccer match on tonight so lots of people about.

Body very weary after lots of walking over the past couple of days. This will be the final post because I wont be blogging much about the flight home.

Thanks for listening everyone.


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