Monday, October 3, 2011

US Holiday - Day 22 - San Francisco to Seattle

Day 22 - Friday 30th September

Didn't get up early. Only had to be ready and checked out of the hotel by 10am for the airport shuttle. Did that with little difficulty. Had to wait about 15 minutes for the shuttle bus to arrive. I was the last on the run and had to stand all the way to the airport. It was a short journey of approximately 10 minutes. My stop was the last in the run at the airport itself.

The check in for the flight was pretty quick. Security checks was a lot easier then that experienced on Dulles Airport at DC. Flight was delayed leaving by about 30 minutes. The flight itself was short compared to the others, only about 90 minutes. Picked up my bag and then headed for where the airport shuttle in Seattle. That too was all pretty simple and within 10 minutes I was in a shuttle bus heading towards the hotel.

Of the three groups of passengers, my hotel was the first stop. Checked in and headed up to the room. Thought at this stage I would take advantage of the daylight that was still available so headed out to take a few pics. Seattle, in a way, is a bit like San Francisco. The city certainly isn't flat and has some step streets. The area of Seattle that I am in has a lot of modern buildings. Found my way down to the Pike Place Market. This is where they throw the salmon and do a lot of shouting in front of the customers. The original Starbucks is located close by. Lots of people walking through the markets, not a lot buying however.

Walked through some of the surrounding streets and then headed back to the hotel for a bite to eat and sort out some washing for the final week.

Have checked the weather for the next couple of days and not looking too good.

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