Monday, October 3, 2011

US Holiday - Day 23 - Seattle - Day 2

Day 23 - Saturday 1st October

Yeah it is not looking good weather wise. Very grey outside. Got ready and headed out. Didn't bother with the SLR or the video camera, instead just taking the small little point and shoot. I decide to first head down the hill towards Pioneer Square. This is an old historic part of Seattle built on mud flats that have been built up over the years. After walking through the streets admiring the architecture I noticed that I was very close to the NFL and baseball teams that are based in Seattle. And looking at a rather large poster on the side of the NFL stadium there appears to be a match there tomorrow. All around the stadiums were pubs and shops selling jerseys and memorabilia. NFL is huge here.

Across the way was a train station so headed over there as I think it is the station I will be leaving from for Vancouver in a couple of days. The station was small but at least I know exactly where it is now. I then headed back towards Pioneer Square and purchased a ticket for Sunday for the underground tour. I got this tip from mum and dad so thanks Pat and JB. Now at this point I was only 2 blocks away from the piers that line the shore on  the western edge of Seattle. So I headed in that direction and started ticking off the piers one by one. There were some there dedicated to passenger, others a combination of car ans passengers. At this point I grabbed some lunch, some crumbed salmon and chips. Not bad.

I continued the walk passing piers that contained the aquarium, restaurants etc. I then headed up a hill towards the Seattle Space Needle. I always had the impression that it was the size of AMP Tower in Sydney. It is certainly not the tallest building in Seattle but where it is located in a fairly residential area means that it does look quite tall. Didn't go up to the observation deck, instead looking to leave that for Sunday if the weather is clear.

Headed back to the hotel at this point and then did some digging into other things to do if the weather is average on the remaining two days. One thing that caught my eye was a tour of the Boeing factory. We passed the Boeing field on the way into Seattle and they had two of the new 787's parked out there. So I decided to book it for Monday. Unfortunately no cameras allowed but will be interesting to see what they are up to out there.

Had a mid arvo nap and then chilled for the rest of the day in the hotel room. John and Trish gave me a call to let me know that they are safe and well.

Let's hope the weather is better tomorrow.

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