Friday, October 7, 2011

US Holiday - Day 27 - Vancouver - Day 2

Day 27 - Wednesday 5th October 

Overcast day today and this was predicted. Got ready and headed out, grabbing a coffee and croissant for fuel. I then walked down towards and area called False Creek. Lots of sky rise apartments down this part of town and they all appear to be new. Along the waters edge there are separate walking and riding paths. I walked along the waters edge passing Granville Island. This has a market located on it and is a short ferry ride across from where I was. If the weather turns out well tomorrow I will look to get over there.

Kept on walking along under the Granville Street and Burnard Street Bridges and along Sunset Beach. I then headed back up into the populated areas of Vancouver and then into main shopping area. It was around lunch time so headed down to the food court that I visited yesterday and had some Chinese.

After lunch I headed into Gastown. This is an old area of Vancouver with restaurant, tourist shops, art galleries etc. That only took a short amount of time to do so headed along the length of Granville Street. Much the same as George Street in a way with at times, parts of King Cross. I then headed back to the hotel passing through Yaletown. This is a very nice part of Vancouver and has lots of boutique bars, restaurants, hair dressers, etc.

Decided to go for a bit of a walk later on in the evening. This is certainly where Vancouver excels over Seattle. I would have stepped out around 8pm and there were still lots of people out and about. I walked up to one of the main streets and then walked down one side. When I walked up the other side I noticed another street lit up with fairy lights so walked up that. I think the lights were put there to draw the punters in and it certainly did the job with me. Even thought it was Wednesday night shops are open till late, most to 9pm and others to 10pm. They do open later though, typically at 10am and I think having the shops open to later is a better idea.

To finish off the evening I walked down Granville Street again. This street to me seems like a bit of a mix between Oxford and George Streets at night. Bars, adult shops, restaurants and the odd beggar and drunken bum. Turned down into Yaletown and walked past some the boutique bars and restaurants on the way back up to the hotel. Stopped in at the bar down stairs for a steak and a couple of bed time vodkas.

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