Saturday, August 11, 2012

An evening with Pablo Picasso

Wednesday 21st March 2012

From mid November 2011 the Art Gallery of New South Wales has been hosting an exhibition called Picaso: masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris. I had walked past the Art Gallery probably 3-4 times a week on my walks around the Sydney Botanical Gardens. Each time the forecourt was full of people coming and going. But like most things I leave it to the lasat minute to get stuff organised and now it was just a matter of days before the exhibition was scheduled to finish.

My sister, Michala, had mentioned going to it and so had the parents. Trying to get to it during the week would have been hard for all of us and weekends were probably going to be too busy. Fortunately Wednesday evenings were open till 10pm so we thought we would give it a shot then. I booked tickets online for 8pm. I had checked with some other people at work to see how much time I should spend walking through. One girl said a number of hours whilst a guy got through in about 45 minutes. Having 2 hours should be plenty of time.

After parking the car at the far end of Mrs Macquarie Point we entered at about 8.15pm along with half of Sydney. It was packed and bordered on unenjoyable. You didn't really get the opportunity to look at a drawing/picture/sketch/painting/object etc for very long before the crowd influenced you to move to the next. I can appreciate however the fact that the exhibition of such a well known artist was going to attract a lot of interest and $$$ for the art gallery so in the long run I see this as a positive.

Picasso was certainly one very talented gentlemen. His early work most people could relate to but he certainly got stranger as time went on. By the end of the exhibition, which featured his later work, it was the style that most people would associate with him. Strange and wierd but full of colour.

I am certainly glad I took the time to see the exhibition. By the looks of it the paintings will make their way to Canada and beyond.

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