Friday, November 16, 2012

Visit to Daintree Rainforest

Monday 12th November 2012

The morning greeted me with patchy cloud, very similar to previous mornings. There also appeared to be accompanying winds blowing on shore. Scoped out my preferred spot in the car park. This time I had eclipse glasses so that I could  ensure that the sun was above the trees which it was.

Took a few more photos of the car park before getting in the car and heading down to Port Douglas. This has become my morning routine now and I ensure that I bring the iPad to have a read of the papers.

The wierd thing that I am not seeing yet is huge numbers of people. This could be because people are basing themselves in Cairns and other locations. Or people are out and about don't things like sight seeing before the big event on Wednesday morning.

After refueling and catching up on the news I headed back to the hotel and then onto the village of Daintree. I was expecting the village to be a little bigger but there wild have only been around 6-8 shops. I chose to go on one of the river cruises and grabbed the cameras and boarded the boat leaving at 10.15am. We headed up the river towards where the guide had seen a crocodile in the previous days. Though we didn't see any crocs we did see some snakes sleeping in trees and some nice birds. The cruise was pleasant and showed off the beauty of the area. Certainly reminds me of far north New South Wales.

After leaving the boat I was going to head up to Cape Tribulation,  a short journey over the Daintree River by ferry. But they didn't take credit card so headed back to Port Douglas for lunch and a walk around the shops. Heavy showers were rolling through and had been doing so for most of the day. Did some grocery shopping and refueled the car.

Returned to the hotel and did some setup and preparation.  Weather forecasts are not conclusive but sounds like they will be similar to the last couple of days. It will certainly be a lottery.

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